Company History


LaserNet: The early years

  • 1968
LaserNet began in 1968 performing laser light shows for rock and roll bands in clubs and theaters. The light show grew to become a solo act and moved into the environment of planetariums as Eye See The Light Show. The laser light show traveled the continent and expanded to five simultaneous productions across the country in the late seventies.
  • 1983
    In 1983 the laser light show landed at the Miami Space Transit Planetarium in Miami, Florida, and became Laser Productions. The company then expanded into corporate theater, producing laser shows for companies like IBM, Ford and Dupont, performing throughout the United States and extensively in Latin America.

We are one of only four “ILDA Accredited Professional Lasershow Companies”. This means we back up our claims with proven experience in shows, awards, safety, and service to the industry.

We begin manufacturing and software

  • 1987
In 1987, while continuing our ever-busy show production schedule, Laser Productions set forth on a path of manufacturing, developing affordable products for the laser entertainment industry. Some of these products are the Laser Pro, LaserXpress, Vscan, Dualscan, Smartscan, Scanner Pro, Fiber Pro, Imagemax, and Colormax. Our laser projection products are currently some of the best quality for the price in the marketplace. LaserNet can also been seen on the high seas! As of spring 2004, our products can be seen aboard 16 cruise ships!
  • 1988
We were honored with two ILDA Awards from the International Laser Display Association. One was for Best Atmospheric Effect; the other, for Best XY Multi-Head Effect.
  • 1992

In March 1992, Laser Productions purchased LaserMax, the first complete PC-based laser graphics software. Our programmers took this software, fixed the bugs, and developed it into a professional laser graphic software system.

Also in 1992, the company changed its name to Laser Production Network.

  • 1994
President Bill Clinton saw our handiwork, at outdoor shows for the Presidential Summit held in Miami on December 10. President Clinton said of LaserNet’s shows, “I’m impressed, I’m really impressed.”


Continued growth for LaserNet

  • 1998

LaserNet continues to grow with the times. LaserMax 4 is the newest generation and a much more powerful version of the original.

In November 1998, at the Lighting Dimensions International show in Phoenix, we won the Laser Display of the Year award, shown above. The photo below shows LDI’s logo done in laser light, created using our LaserMax software. (Click the photo to enlarge.)
  • 2000
Many people have been calling “Laser Production Network” by its short version, “LaserNet”. We start using the name “LaserNet” more and more, unofficially adopting it as our everyday name.
  • 2004

    LaserNet was a major sponsor and key player in the annual ILDA conference being co-located with the Lighting Dimensions International (LDI) show.

    Once again, LaserNet received top recognition at the LDI show. As in 1998, we received the Laser Display of the Year award!

  • Now

    LaserNet now offers production services as well as a complete line of laser systems at very affordable prices. The combined talents of the talented staff offer complete design, installation, sales and rentals of laser projection systems.